Joseph M. Booth

Elected:           March 10, 1998

Inducted:        September 26, 1998

Joe is 57 years old, has been married to Norma 31 years with three sons, David, Joe Jr. and George.  Joe and Norma have two grandson, Adam and Cole Joseph.

Joe’s parents, George and Nellie, mortgaged their home in 1960 to help Joe get started in the towing business.  Joe started with one $3,000 truck and Booth’s Towing was born.  With much hard work and determination, the company grew to be the largest towing company in the US.  By the late 70’s, Joe had 35 heavy duties and 30 light/medium duties.  He operated his business with 86 employees and offices in six cities; Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Omaha, Wichita and Denver.  Joe eventually purchased and used 300 trucks from the Holmes Corp. in Chattanooga, Tennessee a sudden and critical illness forced Joe to give up actively towing in 1989.  However, Joe’s passion for the industry continues……

Joe has contributed greatly to the towing industry by his involvement in the following:

ITA member since mid 60’s
TRAA founder at Kansas City, MO 1979
TRAA certification committee member and fund raiser
American Towman captains of the Industry – 1st meeting
TRAA founders and charter members reunion-organized
KS & MO Highway Patrol-Continually working for positive legislation
State Highway Patrol school program-fund raiser working with another
Hall of Famer to establish a National 911 system
Past president of the MO & KS State Associations
Continues to work with a National Insurance program for all towers through Cretcher-Lynch & Co. in Kansas City, MO
Insurance provider of choice for Signature Group and GEICO Co. to monitor and manage their insurance certificates
Working on health and benefit program for towers




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