Ken Nikko

Ken Nikko was born on January 24, 1944. He attended school in Issaquah, Washington and graduated in 1963. Upon graduating he had a gas station with his father for six months, then joined the service. When he returned in 1965, Ken returned, bought a tow truck, and started Ken’s Towing. He joined the WTTA in 1968. In 1970, he married Marilyn and found himself the father of two stepdaughters, Teresa and Cheryl. He is now the proud grandfather of three grandchildren, Kendra, Kyle, and Christina.
From 1974-1976, Ken served as the WTTA Treasurer, and from 1977-1979, he held the office of Vice President. He served two terms as WTTA President. The first from 1980-1981, and the second time from 1992-1995.  He is the first tow operator to hold the WTTA President’s office twice, and also to receive the Tow Operator of the Year award, which was awarded in 1978-1994, twice.
During his years as WTTA President, he helped to develop the WTTA districts to increase correspondence between the association and the Washington State Patrol districts. This also allowed members in both eastern and western Washington to more closely work together toward their shared goals. Together, with Ken’s leadership, they were able to establish a negotiated rate with the Washington State Patrol so that all interested towers statewide could participate on a rotation basis in their zones.
Ken has been involved with training programs to help train towers in various aspects of recovery (both light and heavy duty), image, and safety, and helps out in this area whenever he can. He has also been active in legislation for about 15 years. As a current Chairman of the WTTA, he is promoting better relationships between the governing agencies in Washington state, and towing and recovery operators. With his help, several bills have been passed that mutually benefit the towers and motorists in Washington. Through his involvement, the WTTA has come closer together and has become a leader in legislation for towers.
Ken has been involved with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers by participating in high school programs where a DUI vehicle, wherein a teen has been killed, is taken from school to school to educate the teenagers about the dangers of drinking and driving.
Instrumental in helping to put together the WTTA Tow Truck Rodeo’s, Ken has been involved from the very first one. He has received the WTTA President’s award 1983-1997 and 2001. In 2003, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award. He is active in his community and has been involved with The Bellevue Boys and Girls Club as a coach for football, and as an umpire for little league baseball.
Ken’s tireless effort and dedication to the WTTA to help Washington towers and motorists has proven itself many times over. He has proven himself a wonderful leader, and is a shining example of someone who has helped change and shape the towing and recovery industry.







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