Edwin J. Kingsmill

Born November 16th 1925 inNew Orleans,LA and passing on in 2003 Eddie was predeceased by his loving wife Vivian and had two sons Calvin and Robert who continue to carry on the family tradition of Kingsmills Auto Service and Towing inNew   Orleans.

Known as a pioneer in the towing industry throughout Louisiana Eddie was a longtime promoter safety and training in towing and recovery. He was the first in theNew Orleansmarket to own air cushion technology while performing recoveries and the first to implement Hazardous materials training to his staff and operators while they preformed their roles.

Active with the TRAA and TRPL Eddie was instrumental in negotiating with the city ofNew Orleansto establish zones and ordinances as guidelines for the City Council to pass while regulating towing. He worked closely with the New Orleans Fire Department offering time, equipment and services while educating them on safe extrication of trapped motorists.

Well known for his creativeness Eddie gained notoriety for designing and building and then restoring his own tow truck better known as the “Kingsmill Brute”! Fashioned on a Kenworth Brute chassis the truck was designed for severe duty in fields like construction, logging, and oilfield services. With Eddie and his son’s reconfiguration this unit was designed to negotiateNew   Orleansnarrow streets and to tow serious weight such as loaded garbage packers and fire trucks. This truck has been featured numerous times in trade publications and magazines for its unique capability, most recently the May 2009 issue of Tow Times.

Eddie is represented posthumously tonight with his Grandson honoring his induction.

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