Leonard W. Schultz

Elected:           April 14, 2000

Inducted:        September 22, 2000

Leonard Schultz and his wife Eileen were married in 1954 and between them had eight children, three of whom now work in the family business.  Eileen died in 1989 and Leonard re-married Karen in 1992.
The story of Leonard Schultz is very similar to the stories of a number of many of our industry founders.  Starting in the service station business in 1964, he soon added a tow truck to support an AAA contract.  His towing business, along with his circle of friends continued to grow and Leonard was instrumental in forming the Independent Towers of Oregon Association in 1972 which, through several mergers, eventually became the present day Oregon Tow Truck Association.  Over the years, he served OTTA in many capacities, but especially enjoyed the membership drives and tow shows.  He was a charter member of TRAA and was one of the unfortunate few towers caught in the historic fire at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas in 1980.  Always looking out for the little guy, Leonard helped form the City of Portland Towing Board of Review, which assures equal access to city contracts and served on that board for many years.  He actively supported both the Portland Police and Fire Departments in their endeavors, but probably his most famous tow was the overland transport of Keiko, the famous Orka whale, to its temporary home on the Oregon coast.
Leonard lived a life of triumphs and tragedies, but always had the wisdom and resolve to move forward.  He died on May 29, 2000, leaving a large extended family and many, many friends throughout the towing and recovery industry.  As a result, he is posthumously inducted into the Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame.



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