Lloyd D. Yates

Lloyd Douglas Yates
Doug was born in      Hamilton County Tennessee on July 13th, 1953

Doug has three children, Shannon Douglas Yates, Kristy Daniel Yates and the late Jason      Alan Yates. Shannon along with Doug run the towing business, while Kristy is in college in Florida. Doug also has four grandchildren. They are Morgan, Garrett, Addison and Easton Yates.
The Yates family name (to date) is a three-generation family business started in 1946, by his father Lloyd Reed Yates. Doug has taken that family name, remaining in the      Chattanooga market place and driven that division of the company to be recognized worldwide. Starting in the early 80’s he was not only providing the best service, but also the latest towing and recovery equipment. The family was the first to pioneer large hydraulic units, within the capital city of the towing industry. He was the first to bring the car carrier and wheel lift and by the late 80’s owned the states first rotator. As the      industry has changed Doug’s business has changed with it. In early 2001, he was the first to recognize that the “ Federal Incident Management” program was coming to the four largest cities in the state. He was the first towing operator to sit on the “MPO” (Metro Planning Organization Board), which was administered by the Hamilton County Regional Planning  Agency. The MPO representing Fire, Law Enforcement and the State, County      and City levels, Hazardous Materials, TDOT, as well as the Towing Industry. By early 2003 the MPO brought Chattanooga not only to the forefront of Tennessee, but to the U.S. with an innovative City Towing Ordinance that not only offered updated requirements for Class A thru D towing and recovery units, but a “ Quick Response Program” that has become      the pattern for other City, County and State requirements. In 2005 the purchase of a large trucking terminal, also backing up to I-24, became the new home for Doug’s operation. This is a full service terminal offering drive thru bays large enough to store complete tractor and trailers, on site scales, loading docks, plenty of storage and a new central dispatch and offices. Once again establishing his operation as a continued pioneer and again raising the standard for others to follow.
Doug has been an avid contributor of the International Towing and Recovery Museum, by donations and rendering his services whenever they are needed. He donates his      facilities and equipment annually to the founding of the “Big Rescue Program”, with the Tennessee Association of Rescue. This a program built to help Rescuers in Tennessee and surrounding areas, work together with the Towing Industry to be better prepared for rescue events when there is entrapment needing the assistance of heavy-duty towing units. Doug’s business, employees and equipment have been featured in numerous      publications and articles, such as the only truck ever featured in Car and Driver Magazine and the History Channels “Modern Marvels Show”.
Member of the Tennessee Tow Truck Association
Doug was voted citizen of the year, by the Fraternal Order of Eagles for his support of the  D.A.R.E. Scholarship program and specifically for his devotion and dedication to the youth of the community. He has also raised and donated over one half million dollars to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital Research Program, by holding an annual rodeo on his farm and donating 100% of the proceeds.

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