Michael J. Boniface

Elected:           March 10, 1998

Inducted:        September 26, 1998

Born:                January 5, 1955 and has two daughters currently attending universities.

After a five year apprenticeship with Dennis, a commercial vehicle manufacturer, Michael joined his father’s engineering company which became a licensed manufacturer for the Swedish EKA products.  During the mid-late seventies, Michael was personally responsible for the manufacture and installation of many EKA’s used in the UK.  He founded Boniface Engineering in 1982, manufacturing equipment initially for Fred Noble of Wreckers International.  This association led to the introduction of the Interstater range of heavy underlifts which today are in use all around the world and is the most widely used heavy duty recovery unit in the UK.  Michael’s international reputation as a quality manufacturer led Miller Industries interest and ultimate acquisition of his business in 1996.  Today, Michael works for Miller successfully introducing their extensive product range to the UK.  He is a chairman and current active member of the Institute of Vehicle Recovery and is an instructor on heavy recovery techniques.  He is widely respected for his extensive knowledge of towing equipment.

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