Michael R. Scott

Elected:           January 15, 2003
Inducted:        October 18, 2003
Born:                November 3, 1957 in Lucerne, Missouri

Married the former Adrienne Brunner and together they have raise one daughter, Holly, who is not involved in the towing and recovery industry.  Michael studied Business Management during the period of 1976-1979 at Missouri Western State College, St. Joseph.
Michael set out to become a law enforcement officer, however, his life has been dramatically influenced by his response to several tragedies.  First his brother became ill and died, so Michael chose to leave college and return to the family business to fill in for his late brother.  Then his wife was stricken with Lyme disease so “Scotty” put his life on hold to assist her in the recovery from this debilitating disease.  And then his father became quite ill and Scotty focused his energies on handling the needs of his father while caring for his mother.  Through all of this, Michael has grown to cherish his family and friends.
Michael has long been active in the Missouri Tow Truck Association, having served multiple terms as its President and a Board Member.  He continues to assist actively with legislative efforts to benefit all tow operators in the state.  Further, Michael represents the Missouri towing community with various state organizations such as the Kansas City Missouri Neighborhood and Community Services, Tow Services Task Force, Department of Revenue’s Abandoned Vehicle Legislation Task Force and the Committee for Safe and Efficient Towing.  As an active member of TRAA, Scotty also serves on the board of the Education Committee, is a judge on the National Certification Panel, Level III, a National Driving Competition Judge 2002 and has been active in the Towing Operators to Eliminate Drunk Driving Program (TOWED).  Michael believes that it is the responsibility of each tow operator to raise the professional level of the industry through education and has earned over a dozen certifications to that end.  Active in his church and community affairs, Michael sets a high standard for himself that favorably reflects on the entire towing and recovery industry.

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