Norbert Pigeon

Elected:       April 9, 1994

Inducted:    June 24, 1994

Family:        Norbert was born November 22, 1942 in Saint Madeleine (Quebec) Canada, where he was raised.  In 1969, he married the former Colette Menard and together they have raised three children, two sons and a daughter.   Today both sons work in the family business.

History:      Norbert opened a welding and repair shop in the early 1970’s, from which he fabricated a wheel lift for his brother-in-law.  From that modest beginning, in 1975 Norbert formed NRC with his wife Colette and brother Raynald, using the first initials of each name.  The company immediately began producing both wheel lifts and small wreckers for both Canadian and U.S. customers.  In 1982, Norbert expanded the company with a purchase of another manufacturer in nearby St. Paul D’Abbotsford.  Since that time, NRC has gained an enviable reputation for developing innovative products for the towing and recovery industry.  Safety has always been a primary factor in the design of NRC equipment.  Through a unique design, heavy duty NRC bodies are lower, providing visibility across the top.  Likewise, the outrigger system, sliders and rotators are all designed with operator safety in mind.  Norbert is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Federation Des Enterprised Independantee Du Quebec and also a director of the Quebec Towing Assocation.

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