Patrick D. Gilboy

Patrick Gilboy was born on November 29, 1937 in Butte, Montana.  He married Shirley his wife on June 28th, 1968 in Great Falls, Montana.  Shirley was involved in their business, Gilboy’s Towing until her sudden death.  Patrick raised three step children – Kathy Hutchison, Gail Duncan and Lee Hackman.  Lee is the only one involved in the business and is currently serving as its leader.
Patrick entered into the towing and recovery business in 1966.  He formed his own towing and recovery business in 1967.  Gilboy’s presently specializes in towing and recovery work, heavy duty, tractor trailers and light duty.
Patrick is one of the top promoters of training and education in Montana.  He brought some of the first formalized training and certification to Montana.  Working with Steve Cardinale, Patrick made sure the Montana towers were afforded the opportunity to partake of the industry standards.  Patrick’s participation in the Montana Tow Truck Association brought him recognition in 2003 as the Honoree to the State Hall of Fame for Towers.  Patrick has built a strong foundation for those who follow him.
Patrick’s local community has benefited greatly from his many “gratis” acts of kindness.  As stated by all who supported Patrick’s nomination, he is honest, dependable and serves his community and his peers.  He hosted many tow shows in Butte.  Patrick has helped write and get legislation passed for the benefit of towers in Montana.
Patrick’s love of his profession made him a success.  Patrick Gilboy is the first tower from Montana to be inducted into the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame.


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