Peter M. Fuerst

Elected:       January 15, 1995

Inducted:    May 18, 1995

History:      Peter began working for the local AAA contact station while going to school.  Over the next few years he developed skills in light and heavy duty towing and recovery.  He operated a company specializing in retrieval and transportation of air craft including crash site inspection and dismantling of the aircraft.  He developed tools and equipment to safely transport aircraft and boats.  On a part-time basis for various companies, he performed on-site investigations of automobile and truck accidents and did post-crash analysis to determine possible causes.   He joined the California State Automobile Association in 1974 in the Emergency Road Service department as a training instructor.  While working with the CSAA Peter developed and presented a variety of training programs relating to tow operations for CSAA contract stations.  The subjects included wrecker fundamentals, customer relations, basis of tow truck operations, radio procedures, safety subjects, lockouts, record keeping and automotive troubleshooting.

  • Worked with CSAA contract station management to develop personalized programs for their businesses.
  • Developed and presented 2-3 day towing operator seminars as well as specialized classes on specific subjects.
  • Developed and presented a 40 hour training program in basic towing operation through the San Francisco Community College District.
  • Participated with major towing equipment manufacturers in the development and testing of towing equipment and accessories.
  • Worked with AAA and vehicle manufacturers to develop safe towing procedures and incorporate these into the AAA towing manuals.
  • Authored, in 1984, a paper on the state of evolution of the wheel lift tow truck.  This was one of the first in-depth looks as wheel lifts, truck chassis and weight transfer.
  • A major contributor and editor to the truck operator certification program developed by the University of Georgia and the International Institute of Towing and Recovery (IITR)
  • Served on a number of advisory committees related to the towing industry, AAA and various public agencies.
  • Since 1987 has served as a voting member of the California Highway Patrol tow service advisory committee.
  • Prepared training materials and assisted various public agencies, auto clubs and towing associations with implementing training programs and providing their members with timely and important towing and recovery information.
  • Appointed by the governor of the State of California to serve as a member of the Emergency Roadside Advisory Committee.
  • A member of the Associated Public Safety Communications Officers Association (APCO) and the National Association of Business Radio (Naber).
  • Currently responsible for the California State Automobile Association Emergency Road Service radio network in Northern California, Nevada and Utah.


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