Randall W. Olson

On the way to a tow, Randy’s father dropped off his laboring mother at a hospital in Virginia, Minnesota.  And Randy has been involved in the towing industry ever since.  His future seemed on a path to take over his fathers company; however, a drunk driver struck him while he was working a tow.  After an extensive recovery time, doctors suggested a less physical career.  So, he earned his Business Management Degree and went to work for HaMark Equipment, a Holmes distributor.  After attending a class led by Joe Sroga, and due to his personal experience, Randy became a strong supporter of the importance of education and training within the industry.  Randy himself has conducted several training classes in the U.S. and China.  When the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum debuted the Wall of the Fallen and Survivor Fund, Randy became one of its strongest advocates.  He has personally raised large contributions for the fund, and continually promotes it every opportunity he gets.  As creator and editor of On Call 24/7, he regularly promotes safety, the ITRHFM, Wall of the Fallen, and the Survivor Fund.

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