Remigiusz Witkowski

Elected:           January 15, 2003
Inducted:        October 18, 2003
Born:                February 15, 1949 in Lode, Poland

Married to Leokadia, they have 2 children, Tomase (Tom) and Pawel (Paul) who is involved in the industry.  Mr. Witkowski earned a Doctorate in Economics with advanced studies through ADAC in Germany and AA in Great Britain.
Dr. Witkowski currents serves as Chairman, Truck Euro Service, S.A.  However, his career in towing and recovery began in 1993 when he was instrumental in forming the Roadside Assistance Program for General Motors of Poland.  Immediately thereafter, he formed the All Polish Roadside Assistance Network and the following year created a training program for roadside recovery in Poland.  In 1995, he was a founder of the OSWPD which is an acronym for the All Polish Association of Recovery Company Operators and continues to serve as its President.  The following year he formed Truck Euro Service, S.A. which provides roadside service assistance to trucks.  Then in 1997, he created a system of licensing and certifying all towing and recovery companies in Poland.  In 1998, he formed the National Roadside Assistance Center which coordinates assistance services for cars and trucks in Poland and cooperates with other such centers throughout Europe.  In 2000, the center qualified for the quality designation EN ISO 9002 with a global certificate awarded by Dekra Certification Services of Stuttgart.
In 2000, Dr. Witkowski entered the National Roadside Assistance Center in a prestigious national competition for a promotional emblem “Teraz Polska” which was granted in 2001 by the President of Poland.  He went on to organize the International Exhibition of Towing and Recovery Equipment in Rynia.  He also serves as Editor-In-Chief of the newspaper “Polska Pomoc Drogowa”, loosely translated as “All Polish Association of Recovery Companies”.  In 2002, Dr. Witkowski initiated the legislative process with the Polish government to develop laws for the towing and recovery operators in Poland.  Through a number of prestigious awards, Dr. Witkowski has been recognized by his peers as a patriot who seeks to develop a trained, informed and professional towing and recovery industry in Poland.

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