Ronald Gardas

Ronald Gardas was born on May 23, 1959.  He is the oldest son of Ronald and Kathleen Gardas.  He grew up with 6 brothers and sisters in New Brighton, MN.  He went to Irondale High School where he met and began dating Renee.  Renee’s parents, Richard (Richard was inducted into the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame in 1987) and Jean Pellow, owned Twin Cities Towing where Renee worked in the office.  Ron started working for the company in 1976.  Twin Cities Towing is where Ron learned the basics of towing and recovery.  This is where he found his passion for towing and his love for Renee.  Ron and Renee married on July 27th, 1979.  By the early 80’s, Ron had won the Grand National Driving Championship.  While at Twin Cities Towing, Ron showed great leadership ability by managing the company for 10 years.  In 1988, Ron and Renee became business owners by starting Twin Cities Transport & Recovery.  In the beginning, they had one location and 5 trucks.  They now have three locations and 50 trucks.  Ronald and Renee compliment each other well, both in the company and with their marriage.  They have three children, Krista, Katie and Ron, Jr.  Krista is married to Chad Kostecka and they have two daughters; Morgan (3 years old) and Alexandra (4 months old).  Katie is married to John Grindeland who is the Operations Manager at Twin Cities.  Ron, Jr. not only has his father’s name, but the same passion with the towing industry.  He spends the majority of his time driving their 75 ton rotator.
Ron and Renee have been involved in the towing industry heavily throughout the years.  Together they have served over 20 years with the Minnesota Professional Towing Association.  Ron was the President of the MPTA for 3 terms.  Renee was a part of the legislative committee helping pass laws regarding the towing industry for the state of Minnesota.
Ron is Level I & II certified and continuously educates himself, his employees, and other towers to improve methods of towing and recovery.  Ron has worked tirelessly to gain the respect of his employees, customers and even his competitors by always demonstrating an honest work ethic and professional level of service.

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