Russell Iodice

Elected:       January 15, 1995

Inducted:    May 18, 1995

History:      In 1950, the North End Boys Club of Bridgeport, Connecticut had a tumbling team.  During their performances the team always formed a pyramid.  The top of the pyramid was a “skinny little kid” named Russ.  The balances and counter-weight skill he learned at the top of the pyramid would stay with him throughout his life’s work and first love, towing and recovery, size no problem.  Russ was born in New Haven, Connecticut, the second son of Michael and Julia Iodice.  Michael, a mechanic from Sicily, rented a gas station in Bridgeport and “Mickey’s” was begun 50 years ago.  In 1961, Mickey’s expanded into Fairfield with an auto body shop.  Russ married Pat and produced 7 children, four of who would work in “the business”. (There would also be, in 1955, a 4th generation 9 year old, Katie, as a dispatcher in training.  Mickey would have gotten a kick out of that).  “The business” meant long hours, no holidays, bad weather, dinner at midnight, if at all, bills, insurance, more bills, more insurance and yet “the industry” needed people to work for better conditions, better pay, education, etc.  Russ got involved.  Russ was one of the original founders of Towing & Recovery Professionals of Connecticut.  He was first vice president for three years and president for one year and is now on the board of directors.  Russ has been involved in TRAA since its beginning and is now State Representative.  Russ is a member of Friends of Towing and is extremely proud of his nomination to the Hall of Fame.  Currently Russ is involved in the Incident Management Program with the Connecticut State Police, Hazardous Material Certification for towers in Connecticut, Air Cushion Training with the Fairfield Fire Department and Commercial Driver’s License Certification for towers in Connecticut.   Russ is working with 1995 Special Olympics for Travel Safety and Transportation.  He is working with Fairfield Police and Fire to educate Fairfield High School and Fairfield University Students regarding Road Safety and substance abuse.  Russ has received the Civil Service Medal for a rescue on the highway, Interstate Towing Operator of the Year award from Interstate Towing Association, Volunteer Appreciation Award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  It all began at the top of a pyramid at the North End Boys Club in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Corey, Brian, Robin, Cindy, Keith, Chris, Tricia, Kate and Pat are all proud of you Russ.

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