Stanley E. Copeland

Elected:           April 5, 2001

Inducted:        August 17, 2001

Born:                February 16, 1928 – Bradford West Gwilliambury Township, Ontario

Stan Copeland married his wife Muriel in 1952 and together they have raised five girls, Linda Anne, Elizabeth Margaret, Susan Laura, Gloria Ruth and Valerie Joan and enjoy 6 grandchildren.  None are involved in either the family business or the towing and recovery industry.
Starting in business in 1948, Stan opened Copeland Towing in Newton Robinson, Ontario where he also owned and operated a repair shop, service station and International Harvester dealership.  As time went along, he began to specialize in heavy duty towing, selling off his other enterprises for health reasons and he relocated to Alliston in 1987.
Stan has served as President of the South Simcoe Towing Association and is active in the Barrie Towing Association, Provincial Towing Association and the Ontario Recovery Group.  He has held various offices in each including Vice President of the Ontario Recovery Group and Tow Show Chairman for Tow 90 and Tow 2000.  In 1973, Stan received a Silver Medal from the Royal Canadian Humane Association for Bravery.  In 1988, he received the Towman of the Year award from the Canadian Towing Society and in 1990 the American Towman Bravery Award.  In 2000, Stan was recognized by the Provincial Towing Association with their Tower of Distinction Award.
Over the years, Stan has established a legacy of unselfish service to both his community and industry.



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