Thomas A. Tedford III

Thomas A. Tedford III has spent over 24 years in the industry starting at the age of 14 at a neighbor’s garage.  Tom presently works for United Road Towing as Sr. Vice President/Partner/Executive officer.
Tom is TRAA Master Tower Level 2 Certified,TRPC Light, Heavy and Special Heavy Duty Certified, Air Cushion Certified and has numerous Business Class and Educational Credits and certifications.
Tom has received many award such as: CT Department of Public Safety Certification and Training Pioneer Award 1998, TRAA Presidential Award 2006, Ford Motor Company Lifetime Industry Achievement Award 2007, American Towman “Towman of the Year 2007” , TRPC Distinguished Service Award 2000, CT Small Business Person of the Year Award 1996.
Tom has chaired the TRPC, he has also testified before the senate and house committees in CT and helped draft legislation that resulted in creating a “Vehicle in Tow” plate for use by licensed towing business in CT which eliminated the need to use a “Repair or Dealer Plate” on an unregistered vehicle in tow.
Tom has produced presentations for the TRPC in CT and has presented numerous seminars before thousands of Towers Nationwide regarding professionalism and educating them on the cost of business, time management, preparing your company for sale and rate increase presentations before municipalities and commercial customers.
Tom is a member TRAA and currently serves as Treasurer, also a member of TRPC and currently serves as Treasurer, member of the ITRHFM as well as many civic organizations such as: Elks Lodge, East Hartford Chamber of Commerce, South Windsor Chamber of Commerce, Hartford Club.



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