William G. Bowser

Bill was born on June 15, 1932 in Wichita, Kansas.  After many moves he came to Colorado in 1955.  He met his wife Susan in 1989 and were married on June 18, 1994 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Sue has been his business partner for the last 13 years.  They were blessed with four sons, Rod, Rocky, Billy and Kelly and one daughter, Diana and two step sons Dusty and Russ.  Rocky and Billy preceded Bill in death.  Their oldest son, Rod and his wife Carol own and operate Stellar Recovery and Investigations in Lakewood, Colorado and are members of the RMRA and the TRPC.
1955 – Employed by Interstate Detective Agency as an investigator and repossessor.
1960 – 1971 – Started his own business as owner/operator of Denver Repossession Bureau.
1961 – Built his first tow truck.
1961 – 1968 – Did commercial towing for Colorado State Patrol and Jefferson County Sheriff Department.
1966 – 1967 – Built 2 custom Cadillac tow truck, a 1965 and a 1966.
1969 – Started another business, Car Tow Inc. and was the innovator of private property towing in the Denver area.
1970 – Formed a partnership and another business, Car Tow Inc. Kansas City, and was the innovator of private property towing in the Kansas City area.
1972 – Co-Author of his autobiography, “The Man Came and Took It Away.”
1973 – 2005 – Owner/operator of Midwestern Auto Recovery
1990 – Founder and President of the Rocky Mountain Repossessors Association.  He founded this association for the safety of repossessors and to work with repossessors in meeting all state laws and requirements both in the repossession industry and the towing industry.
1991 – 2005 – Did towing for the Catholic Charities Vehicle Donation Program
1995 – 2000 – Was on the Board of Directors for the Towing and Recovery Professionals of Colorado
2001 – Was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the RMRA.
2002 – 2005 – In 2002, Bill retired from the repossession industry.  He continued to be on the Board of Directors for the RMRA.  He also started towing for 2 other vehicle donation programs.  He retired in December 2005.
Currently:       He is an honorary member of both the Rocky Mountain Repossessors Association and the TRPC.  He is also a member of the Lincoln Continental Owners Club, local and national and the Cadillac LeSalle Club both local and national.  He stays busy helping his son doing voluntary repossessions and vehicle deliveries.  He also builds custom Cadillac furniture.



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