Wall of the Fallen

On September 9, 2006, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, members of the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum (ITRHFM) gathered on the museum grounds for the official dedication ceremony of the Wall of the Fallen, a monument to honor towing operators killed in the line of service.

The mission statement of the Wall of the Fallen reads: “To honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, to generate public awareness of the dangers involved in the towing and recovery industry and to permanently record and commemorate those involved in fatalities in the towing and recovery industry.”

Wall of the Fallen Live Stream

Billy W. Garrett

Date of Birth: November 16, 1932
Date of Death: September 19, 2004
Age at Death: 71
State/Province: Oklahoma /
Mr. Garrett was on his way home after returning a boat that had been in an accident when a semi-truck… Read More

Billy W. Wooten Jr.

Date of Birth: October 8, 1968
Date of Death: July 17, 2012
Age at Death: 43
State/Province: Texas /
Billy was born on October 8 1968. Billy lost his life on July 17 2012 when he was struck by… Read More

Blake A. Gresham

Date of Birth: October 8, 1993
Date of Death: August 27, 2012
Age at Death: 18
State/Province: Missouri /
Blake’s young life ended on August 27 2012 when he was struck by a passing semi after loading a disabled… Read More

Blaze S. Louviere

Date of Birth: February 7, 1988
Date of Death: June 30, 2013
Age at Death: 25
State/Province: Louisiana /
Blaze was born on February 7 1988. He lost his life on June 30 2013 after he was struck by… Read More

Bobby L. Adkins

Date of Birth: July 30, 1931
Date of Death: May 25, 1985
Age at Death: 54
State/Province: Florida /
Bobby was born on July 30 1931. He served his country in the US Army as a Corporal during the… Read More

Boris A. Ruel

Date of Birth: August 24, 2014
Date of Death: June 20, 1987
Age at Death: 72
State/Province: Illinois /
While working to remove a Semi Mr. Ruel was injured when one of the power jacks holding the trailer gave… Read More

Bradford H. Froehlig

Date of Birth: March 7, 1955
Date of Death: July 31, 1992
Age at Death: 37
State/Province: Illinois /
For unknown reasons a semi-truck hit the back of a disabled truck while Mr. Froehlig was hooking up to it.… Read More

Brandon W. Thomas

Date of Birth: July 30, 1982
Date of Death: November 12, 2009
Age at Death: 27
State/Province: Kentucky /
Brandon was shot to death over a dispute of a towed vehicle. He had served in the US Navy and… Read More