Mel Berman

Born April 7, 1937 in Washington, DC Mel Berman founded what is now known as B/A products as Mel’s Auto Parts out of the garage of his home in Florida next door to Slim Pocket Sam’s Saloon! Much like Steve Jobs the rest is history! Mel devoted his career to finding ways and developing products to make the towing operators duties safer and more efficient. Carrying on Mel’s traditions and dedications his 3 daughters and two son in-laws currently run and operate B/A Products out of the Baltimore Maryland area. B/A products is now a leading supplier to towing companies and manufacturers worldwide. Today B/A Products occupies over 73,000 SF of warehouse and manufacturing space, employing over 80 people with 1,200 distributors worldwide.

Mel’s commitment to the industry and innovations included changes and enhancements to straps, chains, accessories and supplies used within the industry today, including such items as the V Bridle, spreader bar lifting straps, twist lock grab hooks, twist lock shackles, and the ultimate axle chain.

Mel was one who always looked to give back to the industry for which he served. He developed and created many joint programs and sponsorships that directly benefited state towing associations, national towing associations, the Survivor Fund and the ITRHFM. His commitment to help others didn’t end with our industry, he was active in his community and supported Children’s Hospital Charities, and the ARC of Howard County which is an agency that assists developmentally-disabled individuals to succeed in living a normal life. In 2010 Mel and B/A Products was voted the ARC Employer of the year for its commitment to placing and hiring ARC members. In one of his final acts Mel made a significant contribution and helped fund a college account for the infant son of a Baltimore Tower lost in the line of duty.

B/A is a co-sponsor of the “Wounded Warrior” race truck that raises funds to help wounded veterans returning from combat duty overseas. Mel was an active member and supporter of the ITRHFM, TRAA, TRPM, Web Sling Tie Down Assoc., and the associated Wire Rope Fabricators.


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