Survivor Fund

The job of the towing operator is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. These men and women work perilously close to high-speed traffic and routinely face the danger of impaired, inattentive and distracted drivers. The towing industry loses approximately 60 operators annually — a number that is staggering to comprehend.

In 2005, the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum established its Survivor Fund to provide immediate financial support to families of towing operators who lose their lives in the line of service in our industry.

Through fundraising efforts and the generosity of corporations, individuals and industry associations, the Survivor Fund began providing support for families in 2007 and continues to do so in these families’ greatest time of need.

The goal of the Survivor Fund is to create a strong, secure, perpetual offering when tragedies occur. To achieve this, the museum has created a continuing supporter program in addition to its regular fundraising efforts. Through this pledge drive, any person, company or organization can make a pledge to the Survivor Fund for each tragedy-related payout. By doing so, the Survivor Fund is able to notify those who pledged when these tragedies occur, thus maintaining awareness within the industry and ensuring roadside safety remains in the discussions of towing companies nationwide. Additionally, the pledge drive allows the Survivor Fund to predict the amount that will come in from pledges associated with each event, which has allowed a continued increase in the benefits to industry families.

We ask that you support the Survivor Fund and the towing and road service industry. Whether a large corporate donation, or a donation of $5 each time a towing operator is killed in the line of service, your support is important to our cause and to the many families who find themselves in need of the Survivor Fund.