Wall of the Fallen

On September 9, 2006, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, members of the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum (ITRHFM) gathered on the museum grounds for the official dedication ceremony of the Wall of the Fallen, a monument to honor towing operators killed in the line of service.

The mission statement of the Wall of the Fallen reads: “To honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, to generate public awareness of the dangers involved in the towing and recovery industry and to permanently record and commemorate those involved in fatalities in the towing and recovery industry.”

Wall of the Fallen Live Stream

Aaron D. Helfrich

Date of Birth: September 17, 1974
Date of Death: April 30, 2007
Age at Death: 32
State/Province: Missouri /
A tractor-trailer hauling construction equipment hit Mr. Helfrich on the side of the interstate and then didn't stop. He was… Read More

Adam D. Lopez

Date of Birth: February 8, 1964
Date of Death: April 21, 2010
Age at Death: 46
State/Province: Texas /
Adam was a very active person in his community of Ranger Texas including volunteering as a fireman. He passed away… Read More

Ademar A. Pereira

Date of Birth: November 27, 1963
Date of Death: May 1, 2009
Age at Death: 44
State/Province: São Paulo /
Mr. Pereira was finishing up loading a disabled vehicle when he and the motorist was killed instantly when a reckless… Read More

Alan E. Dilley

Date of Birth: September 15, 1969
Date of Death: July 31, 2011
Age at Death: 42
State/Province: Colorado /
Alan was born on September 15, 1969. On July 31, 2011 Alan passed away from injuries sustained when he was… Read More

Alan W. Fyfe II

Date of Birth: February 28, 1964
Date of Death: October 19, 2004
Age at Death: 40
State/Province: Florida /
While loading a disabled vehicle on his flatbed a pick-up truck drifted out of his lane and hit Mr. Fyfe's… Read More

Alfred E. Bliss

Date of Birth: January 1, 1970
Date of Death: June 4, 2015
Age at Death: 48
State/Province: OH / USA
Al Bliss was working in the tow yard on June 4, 2015, disconnecting a pickup truck from his tow truck… Read More

Allen L. Rose

Date of Birth: July 20, 1975
Date of Death: February 23, 2011
Age at Death: 36
State/Province: Colorado /
Allen was born on July 20 1975. Allen was an Iraqi war veteran and father of two. On February 23… Read More

Amanda K. Frizzley

Date of Birth: March 26, 1981
Date of Death: September 30, 2007
Age at Death: 26
State/Province: /
Miss Frizzley was killed in a crash with a SUV that was speeding the wrong way on a one way… Read More