Survivor Fund Continuing Support Pledge

Every year, across our country and around the world, men and women are killed in the line of service while working in the towing and recovery industry.  The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum Survivor Fund provides financial assistance to the families of our fallen in their time of need.  To ensure the longevity of these benefits as we work to build a perpetual fund, we are asking each person, company and organization in the industry to participate in supporting the Survivor Fund and these families when a tragedy occurs.  Your pledge to become a Survivor Fund Continuing Support Partner represents a commitment to our industry.

As a Continuing Support Partner, you will receive an e-mail from the Survivor Fund when a tragedy occurs and meets the governing guidelines of the Survivor Fund for disbursement.  As always, the ITRHFM Survivor Fund will handle direct payment to the families.  We will simply solicit your contribution in the pledged amount to replenish and build our fund after each approved payout.  The e-mail you receive will provide information on the current tragedy as well as information on how to remit the payment to honor your pledge.

The power of a small pledge from everyone in our industry is enough to make a tremendous difference in the ability of the Survivor Fund to continue to grow and provide immediate assistance to the families of our fallen.

Make your pledge today to support our industry.

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