Allen J. Price

Elected:           January 15, 2003
Inducted:        October 18, 2003
Born:                October 13, 1941 in Greenwood, South Carolina

Allen and his wife, Margaret, have raised three children, Allen J. Price, Jr., Ronnie V. Price and Samantha P. Simpson.  All three children are involved in the family owned towing and recovery business.
Allen was born into the towing and recovery business since his father owned several wrecker services during Allen’s childhood, which brought both Allen and his brother into the industry.
Active in both training and certification, Allen was a strong advocate for the National Certification Program developed by TRAA.  He has been certified in aircraft recovery at Florida’s South Atlantic University and also in underwater recovery.  Allen has completed Haz-Mat training through the Towing and Recovery Association of Georgia, Incident Management Certification at the National and State Fire Academies and light and heavy duty training through Ross Kinman training programs.  He is a member of the Emergency Preparedness Association of South Carolina, charter member of the Towing and Recovery Association of South Carolina, steering committee member for the Incident Management Program of South Carolina and member of the Towing and Recovery Insurance Group Board of Directors.  Currently, Allen serves as President of the Towing and Recovery Association of South Carolina where he previously served as both 1st and 2nd Vice President.  He is currently serving on a committee with the South Carolina Department of Transportation and South Carolina Highway Patrol to change laws on non-consent towing.  He has received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Towing and Recovery Association of South Carolina, has been recognized as a Pioneer for Certification with TRAA and received a Certification of Appreciation from the Towing and Recovery Insurance Group.
Allen is also very active in church and community affairs including the high school rodeo association, Gideon’s International and 4-H Program of Abbeville, South Carolina.  He also was a founding member and former Chief of the Long Cane Volunteer Fire Department.


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