Charles H. Kuebler

Elected:       January 15, 1995

Inducted:    May 18, 1995

Personal:     Chuck Kuebler was born October 29, 1937 in Baltimore, Maryland.  In August of 1959, Chuck married the former Irene “Wink” Whitney.  Wink and Chuck have been married for over 35 years and have two daughters and three grandchildren, with one on the way.

Education: After completing high school at Baltimore City College, he enrolled at Duke University.  While at Duke he became a member of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity.  It was many years later that Chuck and Ted Durig found out they were fraternity brothers.  He graduated from Duke in June of 1959.  During his business career, he has continued his education with post-graduate studies at Columbia University, Marquette University and at the National Installment Banking School at the University of Colorado.  After having attended and graduated from this school, and attending a two week course held each summer for 3 years, he became one of the instructors and taught a course in business policies at the school for several years.

Business:     After graduating from Duke, he was employed by Home Finance Group.  That company went through a series of mergers and finally became Barclay’s American Credit.  He rose in the company to the president of its consumer finance subsidiary, Home Credit Company.  On January 1, 1981, he joined the Associates Corporation of North America.  By September of that year, he was given responsibility for the United States Auto Club, Motoring Division, Inc. (USAC/MD), a position that he retains today as its president.  Today, USAC/MD has over 7,000,000 members counted the way a finance company like The Associates would count them, that is one household equals one member.  If you look at memberships compared to the way AAA counts them, USAC/MD would most likely have 21,000,000 members.  He has been a true friend in taking the lead in the auto club industry to promote goodwill and cooperation between the auto clubs and the towing community.  The USAC/MD Towers Advisory Board was formed in 1990 and is a functioning body today, promoting the spirit of cooperation and understanding between the auto club and the towing industry.  He has also been active in the National Towman Commission since its inception.  His leisure time is spent with his grandchildren and model railroading.

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