Charles W. “Wid” Dickison

Elected:       January 15, 1995

Inducted:    May 18, 1995

Born:            October 23, 1920

History:      Attended school in Doaktown, New Brunswick.  Economic conditions necessitated leaving school after grade eight and going to work at the local garage then to a local lumber company driving log hauling trucks.  He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in October 1940 and trained as an aero engine mechanic while stationed in St. Thomas, Ontario.  He transferred to Saskatoon then to the West Coast settling down and marrying Joan in October 1943.  After his discharge from the Air Force in September 1945, he drove trucks for the Department of National Defense, Dominion Construction, Richmond Dairies then Buster’s Auto Towing.  Between 1946 and 1957 Charles and Joan had two sons and one daughter.  He left Buster’s for a stint with Vancouver Auto Towing, but returned to Buster’s and helped build it into one of the largest towing companies in North America.  During approximately twenty years with Buster’s, he became Manager, Chairman of the Automotive Retailer’s Association and one-time President of the Canadian Association of Fleet Supervisors.  In 1970 he bought Delta Whalley Towing which became known as Wid’s Towing, operating in Vancouver, Delta and Surrey.  With approximately 18 units it was one of the largest heavy duty fleets on the West Coast.  In 1975 he sold Wid’s Towing and became employed by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia as Liaison Manager with the towing industry until 1982 when he retired due to his health.  He presently resides in North Vancouver with his wife of 51 years.  They have four grandchildren.  He spends his mornings in the swimming pool at the North Vancouver Recreation Center then putting about with whatever comes to mind or spending time helping out whenever anyone needs a hand.  He is known as “Wid”.

DECEASED – March 9, 1997


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