David H. Girard

David Harold Girard, was born in Alpena, Michigan, on December 611937.
David married Helen Jean Woodson, on March 26,1988, at the home of fellow tower and good friends, Fred and Jeannie Meister. (Freddie Mac’s Towing in El Monte, Ca). Atthough Jean is involved in the towing businesso she operates her own custom chocolate business. They have three children, Teri, David, and Chris. None of the children are involved in the towing business.
David began his towing career as a teenager driving a 48 Nash wrecker for a Chrysler/Plymouth dealership back home ant then continued operating a wrecker unit during his military serice in the Michigan National Guard. Upon his arrival in California, David purchased a broken down tow truck” repaired it, and started his own towing business in 1965, which had grown to as many as 25 units at one time, but currently is operating with 16 trucks involving all aspects of light, mediumo and heavy duty towing as the exclusive police garage for the City of Burbanh, California.
David himself is a CTTA certified tow operator, but also has actively supported tow truck education throughout the years, putting in time and effort to cause others in our industry to be properly trained.
As a member of the Calif. Tow Truck Assn., David served two terms as Los Angeles Chapter President.In addition, David was appointed by Commissioner Helmick of the Calif. Highway Patrol, to service as a Tow Service Agreement committee member and continues to serve in that capacity.
Somehow, as he operated a very successful towing service, he still found time to put in over a thousand hours as a reserve police officer for the citizens and community of City of Burbank.
At age 71, David has no plans for his retirement yet, his life has been the towing industry, and he hopes to be around as long as possible, to be play a part as our industry advances itself in the areas of professionalism and tow truck education.

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