Fred W. Knight

Elected:           January 15, 2003
Inducted:        October 18, 2003
Born:                May 8, 1933 in Newmarket, New Hampshire

In the summer of 1952, Fred met and dated Roberta (Bobbi) Turner and they were married in 1955.  Together they has raised two children, daughter Kim and son Kevin.  Kevin and Kim’s husband Craig Jackson (and several of Craig’s brothers) all worked in the family towing business, Knight’s Garage.
Knight’s Garage was started by Fred’s grandfather, Fred Knight, in Newmarket, New Hampshire and included Fred’s father, grandfather and uncle working together to provide auto repair and towing to the local community.  Of course, young Fred was also involved with the family business and made his first tow at age 15 when he was the only one around to respond to an accident call.  As he came of age, Fred also became full time in the family business.  However, in 1963 Fred and Bobbi decided to go out on their own and moved to Barrington, New Hampshire where they bought a small garage and service station, naming it Knight’s Garage after the original family business.  They then purchased a hand crank wrecker for $375 and Bobbi gave birth to their son Kevin so both their family and business were not complete.
In 1965, Fred Knight became Assistant Chief of Police for Barrington, a post he held for 18 years.  In 1967, Fred joined the Barrington Youth Association (BYA), which is a baseball program for the youth of the community.  Of course, Fred was proud to coach the  Knight’s Garage baseball team.  In 1981, Fred Knight was appointed by the Governor to the New Hampshire Traffic Safety Commission where he served for 2 years.  In 1993, Fred received the Barrington Citizen of the Year Award for outstanding community service as he had also sponsored many other youth activated, including Little League baseball, soccer, car racing and basketball.  Today, Knight’s Garage is operated by Craig and Kevin and granddaughter Keri and husband Scott.  But, Fred still makes the wrecker calls, 24 hours a day because he says, “I’ll do it forever, I love it.”


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