George M. Lanser

As a small child, George Lanser was fascinated with large trucks. While in military service in World War II, he suffered an injury in battle, which resulted in a duty reassignment to wrecker service, thus furthering his lifelong interest in large trucks and beginning his career in the Towing and Recovery Industry.

Following his honorable discharge, George returned to Wisconsin to work as a mechanic and in 1951, opened his own garage. In 1958, he ignored the advice of friends and bought his first wrecker and has gone on to fabricate and modify a number of his own units, all of which are now painted his famous “Hugger Orange”. In 1975 he incorporated Lanser Garage and Towing, Inc. and also formed a rental company. A year later he sold the repair business to his son-in-law and in 1988, he sold one wrecker and thus began a process of introducing family members to his business and this industry — a process that continues today to include his grandchildren.

George Lanser is a leader, role model, but more importantly, a man of great strength and character. During his military service he was highly decorated, including the Purple Heart and Silver Star which he received for placing himself at considerable risk in order to administer first aid and comfort to three fallen comrades. And thus began a lifelong pattern of service to his neighbors, community and industry. George Lanser was one of the first members of the Wisconsin Towing Association which he has faithfully served for many years. He has always been quick to help others, especially those in distress, even to the point of donating a two truck.

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