Gerald Olson

Gerald “Ole” Olson was bom in Minot, North Dakota on January 17,1952. Ole rnarried his wife Claudia McBeth at the Vincent United Methodist Church in Minot, North Dakota on July 30, 1976. Claudia plays a very important role in their business, Ole Olson’s Towing and Recovery Service, as the Business Manager. Ole and Claudia have three children that are also very involved in the business as well. Wyatt, their oldest son, is one of the heavy duty towing and recovery specialists. Their other two children, the twins Rusti and Dustv. are also active in the business.
Ole first went into the towing and recovery business as a partnership with a local service station on August 10,1970 and went on his own in 1973. Then on February 1, 1977 Ole bought out his competitor, Owl Wrecker, which had been in business since 1956. He changed the name to Oison’s Owl Wrecker then on July 1,1995 he changed the name to the present Ole Olson’s Towing and Recovery Service.
Ole Olson’s Towing and Recovery Service specializes in light, medium, and heavy duty towing and recovery. They also specialize in custom hauling and ice recoveries.
Ole attended the Wisconsin Towing and Recovery School in 1994 and 1995. He is also a member of many towing and recovery organizations such as the North Dakota Towing Association, South Dakota Towing Association and the Towing and Recovery Association of America. Ole is also involved in other organizations such as the NoDak Race Club and North Dakota Automobile Recycler Association.

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