Heather Anne Llewellyn

Heather Anne Llewellyn was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and jumped into the towing industry at the seasoned age of 12 at her father’s towing business helping out in the yard and office where ever possible. She worked through the ranks and used her skills to perfect the dispatch side of the operation keeping things flowing smooth and efficiently day by day.  In 1986 Heather and her husband Joseph started their own towing business Anchor Towing and Recovery in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Together they have two children ages 16 and 15. After meeting Donnie Cruse and being introduced to the Canadian Towing Society Heather began her path in not only perfecting her business but committing her time to improving the industry in Canada overall by affiliating herself with industry groups and associations. She jumped in head first becoming the first woman director for the Canadian Towing Society and later was elected President of the Atlantic Chapter.  Her involvement with lobbying government officials resulted in several industry improvements including legislation for a lien writ for tow operators when towing vehicles for law enforcement. In addition Heather played a leading role in passing regulations for out of Province, the exemption of tow lights on passenger vehicles, an exemption for tow trucks to tow unregistered vehicles, and most recently the allowance of tag axles on tandem tow trucks.  In 1990 Heather was recognized with the Canadian Towing Society’s Member of the Year award for her dedication to membership growth within her chapter and her commitment to the Association as a whole.  In 2008 Heather was recognized by the Provincial Towing Association of Ontario with the Towman of Recognition Award for her continued contributions and services to the industry throughout Canada. She currently serves as the President for the newly formed Roadside Responders Association of Nova Scotia and continues to lobby the interests and concerns of Tow Operators.  Heather is one of the founders of the Towing and Recovery Alliance of Canada and has received numerous awards and recognitions for her involvement in the industry across Canada. She is recognized as an author for several industry publications and also founded Tow Canada Magazine.

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