Joseph Milan

Shortly after World War iI Joe Milan and his brother-in-law, Arthur W. Nelson Sr., went into business in the heavy equipment field. Soon they gravitated to building tow trucks and recovery vehicles. They created the Weld/Built Body Co., and moved from New York City to Wyandanch, Long Island.

The products are cost-effective, well engineered, and accepted by a wide range of customers. Art Nelson was inducted into the industry’s Hall of Fame in 1986; Joe as elected in 1987 but had to def er his induction until the 1988 class. Joe is the backbone of the operation of Weld/Built and is both beloved and respected by his associates and customers alike. Weld/Built Body Company is one of the pioneer providers of fine equipment to the towing-recovery industry. Without exception it has a history of profitable operation and service to the industry, a record which can be laid to the credit of Joe Milan.

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