Robin “Bob” C. Berry

Elected:       April 9, 1994

Inducted:    June 24, 1994

Family:        Bob was born March 28, 1952 in Reno, Nevada.  He married the former Sylvia Risban in August 1970 in Alameda, California.  Together they have raised four daughters.  Bob’s wife Syliva and his son-in-law are active in the family towing business.

History:      In 1967, Bob worked as a second man on a towing and recovery team in Fairbanks, Alaska.  He became a Shell Oil Dealer in 1970, purchased his first tow truck in 1976 and entered the towing industry, full time in 1978.  Over the years, Bob has always been quick to serve in various industry posts, when called.  Included among his service credentials are the following:

  • State Board of Directors, California Service Station Association – 1975-1980
  • President Greater Bay Area Chapter, California Tow Truck Association – 1983
  • Chairman, California Tow Truck Association Convention – 1989
  • Member of the Year, California Tow Truck Association – 1989
  • First Vice President, California Tow Truck Association – 1989-1992
  • TRAA National Citizenship award, 1989 for his Distinguished Humanitarian Service to the community following the Oakland earthquake.
  • California Highway Patrol Tow Service Agreement Committee, 1987 to date
  • Appointed to the Emergency Roadside Assistance Advisory Committee by Governor Pete Wilson in 1992, where he continues to serve.
  • Founding Chairman of the “Bay Area Citizens Against Drugs” for which he raised over $15,000.
  • Trustee, Friends of Towing – 1993-1976

Bob Berry is a dedicated member and supporter of both the California Tow Truck Association and Friends of Towing.  He is often called on to assist CTTA in its continuing education program with both light and heavy duty instruction.  He is an advocate of the Friends of Towing Museum program and recently participated in the organizational meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Bob has actively supported the mission of Friends of Towing with both his time and talent and is one of the few Sustaining Members of the society.

Bob is a true “Friend of Towing”.

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