Roger J. Dines

Roger Dines first entered the towing industry following active service in the U.S. Navy Seabees and went on to establish one of the most modern and professional operations in North America. In fact, one industry authority observed that each of Roger’s units is always fully equipped and road-ready for any situation. But Roger is much more than just a successful businessman. In his home state of Massachusetts he has always been an active lobbyist working on behalf of the towing industry. Recent significant work includes the repeal of the Inspector Generals’ mandate requiring all political subdivisions in the state to procure towing services only through the public bidding process. Roger was also active in changing the state regulations that required all towers to buy “wrecking” plates and has also taken an active role in the areas of Education and Safety. He personally conducted various seminars for the Motor Vehicle Division and the State Police on proper procedures for accidents, rollovers, abandoned vehicles, air-cushion recovery and related subjects of particular interest to the towing industry.

But there is yet another side to Roger Dines. He often plays the role of Good Samaritan when others need it most. For example, he recently became aware of a tower who was losing his eyesight as a result of Diabetes. Roger arranged medical assistance for his out of state friend; set up air transportation to Massachusetts; met the patient and his wife and provided lodging and other local assistance while this person underwent medical treatment in Boston. In 1988 Roger was instrumental in organizing a farm aid effort that was to become known as Operation Haylift for the transportation of hay for livestock to drought stricken areas of the U.S. and received the Congressional Certificate of Merit from the Hon. Silvio D. Conte of Massachusetts. In 1989 he received the prestigious American Towman Lifesaver Award for placing his own life at risk to save another.

Roger Dines has held several offices in the Statewide Towing Association, including Vice President, Show Chairman and Legislative Chairman and is an active, enthusiastic supporter of the entire towing industry at all levels, state, national and international. He will typically see a need and fill it even before that need can even come to the attention of others. He is tireless in his quest to be of service and sets an excellent example for others who would seek admission to the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame.

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