John Weaver

Basis for Selection_____________________________________________________________
I would consider it an honor and privilege to serve on the Museum Board. I feel the industry needs the Museum as a reminder of our past and our hope for the future as we honor the great leaders who developed my career and my profession.
It was such an honor to be inducted into the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame in 2016. I will forever remember that night as I strive to work harder and uphold the ideals of the industry. I will work hard to promote the success of the Museum if selected to this position of responsibility.
John Weaver has over fifty years of experience in towing & recovery and currently is a Lead Instructor for WreckMaster, Inc. WreckMaster is a towing and recovery training and certification company. John is well-known in the firefighting community also, having taught fire suppression and extrication courses for the Georgia Fire Institute, currently known as the Georgia Fire Academy. He created a course for the Fire Academy to teach firemen how to properly operate winches in extrication and rescue situations. This is a cross-training course for towers and firemen. He has taught several cross-training classes involving towers, firemen, GDOT HERO operators and other disciplines in the proper techniques and cooperation at crashes involving entrapment in commercial motor vehicles. As an instructor for the Georgia DOT HERO unit, John instructs operators in two classes: “Air Brake Operation and Safety” and “Up-righting Overturned Vehicles.” John was a member of the Board of Directors for the Towing and Recovery Association of Georgia for 12 years. He has served as the Executive Director of the Association for 3 years.
John has served on the Towing and Recovery Association of America Board of Directors since 2007…and has served as Co-Chairman of the TRAA Traffic Incident Management Committee. He participated on the TRAA Education Committee in the development of a National guideline for training and standards for tow operators and instructors that provide that training. He presented a report on the problem of tow truck weight and emergency towing to the I-95 Corridor Coalition in Washington, DC in 2007. At the TRAA Legislative Conference in Washington, DC in 2009 delivered a presentation on the national training initiative, in 2010, at the Legislative Conference, he spoke on billing by the pound.
John currently serves on the Traffic Incident Management Enhancement Task Force for Metro , Georgia (TIME Task Force) as the Chairman of Operations, having served as Director of Towing for 12 years. He was a charter member of the TIME Task Force in 2002.

Areas of Relevant Experience____________________________________________________
Owner of Mauldin Body Shop, Inc., Canton, Georgia. Mauldin’s has served the north Georgia area for over fifty-five years providing auto body repair and towing and recovery services. His experience gained from working in and managing this business has afforded many opportunities to deal with employees and customer concerns and needs.
In 1968, John formed the first rescue squad in Cherokee County, Georgia and was appointed Civil Defense Director of Cherokee County by the then Governor of Georgia. In 1975, a group along with Mr. Weaver formed a volunteer fire department in Cherokee County. John was the first Fire Chief and training officer. After the department became a paid department in the 1980’s the county retired Mr. Weaver’s badge number in honor of his accomplishments. He still serves today as Chaplain for Cherokee County Fire/ES. He has taught the commercial motor vehicle and winching classes he created to over 500 firefighters and more than 200 other related disciplines in Georgia. As a Lead Instructor with WreckMaster, John has taught classes to towing and recovery operators across the United States. The level of training covers light, medium and heavy duty wreckers and the use of air cushions, both high and low pressure. He is a certified instructor for Crosby Landbase Crane Rigging. Assisted the TIME Task Force in Georgia during the developmental stages of the Towing and Recovery Incentive Program, TRIP.
In addition to towing and recovery experience and understanding the discipline of the fire service, John has training in the MUTCD Train the Trainer program, participation in several National Traffic Incident Management Coalition courses, Hazardous Material Operations, Safe Tanker Transportation Specialist, LP gas tanker recovery, commercial motor vehicle collision investigation and compliance, and a certified air brake inspector. A consultant to the Georgia Motor Trucking Association, conducting seminars on “Towing Relationships” and “How to be Towed, Not Taken.” Consultant to South Carolina Highway Patrol on towing legislation and legislative consultant to Georgia House Transportation Committee on tow truck weights and measures, representing the Towing and Recovery Association of Georgia. Chairman of the Cherokee County Wrecker Advisory and Appeals Board, appointed by the County Board of Commissioners. Met with State and Local agency leaders to promote Traffic Incident Management Teams and civic groups to create awareness of incident management concepts across Georgia. He has created a minimum standard training and certification program endorsed by the Towing and Recovery Association of Georgia for the Georgia State Patrol. While serving on the TIME Task Force Mr. Weaver assisted in the creation of a law in the state that allowed Quick Clearance programs like TRIP to succeed. The law exempts towers from secondary damage claims when relocating damaged vehicles from roadways. As a certified driving instructor in Georgia, he has assisted the TIME Training committee in the creation and implementation of a training module for all state approved driving schools in the state promoting and educating students on the Move Over Laws.
As an owner and manager of a successful body shop and towing company, Mr. Weaver has experience in personnel management, training, guidance and discipline. He promotes the concept that the most important tenant an employee can offer a company is attitude. The proper attitude is the company image and provides a better work place environment. His leadership ability has garnered the company and his efforts many awards.
John W. Weaver
Bio Summary:
Married 43-years, Debbie Mauldin Weaver
Daughter, Angela Weaver Reece Son-in-law, Brian Reece (Cherokee Co. Fire/ES)
Granddaughter, Sierra Reece
Owner: Mauldin Body shop, Inc. Mauldin & Daughter Towing & Recovery
3rd Generation Family Business Canton, Georgia
Established in 1961…Celebrating over 50-years in business.
Graduate, Reinhardt University
Towing & Recovery company owner/operator with over 50-years of experience in Towing & Recovery
WreckMaster Level 8/9AH (air cushion, Haz mat), Rotator; ID #: WMI 96907
TRIP (Towing & Recovery Incentive Program, Georgia DOT); Level 2 Supervisor Certified
TRIP Level 1 Operator & Level 2 Supervisor Lead Instructor
Lead Instructor, WreckMaster, Inc.,
WreckMaster Student of Class Weeklong, Fall 2003, Fayetteville, NC
Top 10 WreckMaster, 2003
WreckMaster of the Year, 2005
Towing & Recovery Association of Georgia, TRAG, Executive Director, 2013-2017.
Towing & Recovery Association of Georgia, TRAG, Board of Directors; 2000 to 2017.
Towing & Recovery Association of America, TRAA, Board of Directors; 2008 to 2017.
Towing & Recovery Association of America, TRAA, Co-Chm. Traffic Incident Management Committee, 2012-2017.
Towing & Recovery Association of America, TRAA, Education Committee, 2007-2017.
Traffic Incident Management Enhancement, TIME Task Force, State of Georgia, Director of Towing; 2001-2014.
TIME Task Force Operations Chairman 2014-present.
TIME Task Force Standards & Training Committee; 2002 to present.
Chairman, TIME Task Force Standards & Training Committee; 2007-2009
TRIP Manager, 2007-2016, overseeing operations, guidelines, incentives, and After Incident Reviews of Towing & Recovery Incentive Program, Georgia
Developed Towing & Recovery Incentive Program (TRIP) Training Standard Lesson Plan
Member TIME Task Force Operations Committee, 12 years
Drafted Georgia exemption from secondary damage law to protect towers, passed into law by Georgia General Assembly. (Cleared path for Quick Clearance program in Georgia)
Drafted legislation for current law concerning overweight tow trucks in Georgia. Passed into law by Georgia General Assembly.
Chairman, Cherokee County, Georgia Wrecker Advisory & Appeals Board; appointed by Cherokee County Board of Commissioners; 2000 to present.
Drafted Towing Ordinance for Cherokee County Board of Commissioners.
Consultant to: Georgia Motor Trucking Association for towing relations, (GMTA); 8-years
Conducted “How to be Towed, Not Taken” seminars for GMTA annual conventions in Hilton Head, Amelia Island and across Georgia at Chapter meetings. This seminar is designed to educate the trucking industry to form relationships with towers in their area. The seminar includes proper invoicing for towing and recovery operations with itemized billing. How to read a towing invoice and questions to ask pertaining to proper billing procedures.
Consultant to Georgia Department of Public Safety on towing related issues.
Instructor, National Traffic Incident Management Responder Course, SHRP 2 Solutions, Federal Highway Administration.
Train the Trainer Instructor, National Traffic Incident Management Responder Course, SHRP 2 Solutions, Federal Highway Administration.
Instructor, Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, (MUTCD), Certified by Pennsylvania Fire Academy and Bucks County Community College, Pennsylvania.
Contract Instructor for Georgia Department of Transportation, HERO Unit, the Course Titles are: “Air Brake Operation and Safety” and “Up righting Overturned Vehicles;” 10-years.
“Honorary Hero” award presented by Georgia Department of Transportation in 2005. One of 3 presented in 20 year history of Unit.
Certified Instructor, Crosby Landbase Portable Crane Rigging Course.
Certified Commercial Motor Vehicle Collision Investigation and Compliance
Certified Hazardous Material Tanker Specialist, STTS; Safe Tanker Transportation Specialist.
Developed TRIP Company requirements for inclusion in Towing & Recovery Incentive Program, for TIME Task Force, Metro Atlanta.
Consultant, South Carolina Highway Patrol & South Carolina Department of Transportation for Towing & Recovery Training Legislation.
Keynote speaker, I-95 Corridor Coalition Legislative Conference, Washington, DC; 2007…”Overweight Tow Trucks.”
Presenter, TRAA Legislative Conference, Washington, DC; 2009…Towing Standard & Certification.
Presenter, TRAA Legislative Conference, Washington, DC; 2010…price per pound Invoicing.
Keynote Address, TIME Task Force Annual Conference, University of Georgia; 2010.
American Towman Award for Bravery, 2013 for lifting fallen tree from a tornado off victim trapped in her car.
American Towman Award for Heroism, 2013 for rescuing the driver and passenger from tractor & trailer involved in crash on I-85 in South Carolina. The two vehicles involved burst into flames on impact and killed 3 people in the pickup truck.
American Towman Order of Towman, 2012. Nominated by Cherokee County & City of Canton Fire Department.
Instructed classes for heavy rescue and extrication involving Commercial Motor vehicles for Fire departments in Cherokee County, Cobb County, Bartow County, Coweta County, Catoosa County,
Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Ft. Ogelthorpe, Catoosa County, Paulding County, Walton County, Fayetteville, Rockdale County, Whitfield County, Barrow County, Jefferson, and Clayton County. Over 600 certified firefighters at present.
Conducted Commercial Motor Vehicle Extrication cross-training for towers and firemen in North Carolina and South Carolina.
Created Winching & Stabilization Training Course, Georgia Fire Academy, Course # 1753-1006-01.
Former Volunteer Fire Chief, Cherokee County, Georgia.
Appointed to represent Fire Dept. on SPLOST Renewal Vote, 2010, Cherokee County, Ga. Instructor for Fire suppression Georgia Fire Institute, 1975-1980.
Currently serve as Chaplain, Cherokee County Fire/Emergency Services, 2006-present.
Appointed to represent Cherokee County Board of Commissioners on Comprehensive Transportation Plan, 2014-present
Georgia Certified driver instructor for teenage drivers in compliance with Joshua’s Law.
Deacon, First Baptist Church Woodstock, Georgia
Taught Sunday School, High School Class, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Canton, Georgia…18-years.
Taught Sunday School, Adult Class, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia…2004-2009.
Trustee, United Methodist Church
Served United States Army Ceremonial Unit, Honor Guard 1969-1970.
Volunteer Firefighter, City of Canton, 1963-1969.
Created first Rescue Squad in Cherokee County, 1965.
Created Cherokee County Fire Chiefs Association in 1975, still active today. (County & City Departments and adjacent mutual aid departments)
Awards and recognition from Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department, Cherokee County Fire/ES, City of Canton Fire, City of Canton Police, Cherokee County Board of Commissioners, Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce, Cherokee County 911
Presenter, Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety annual convention, Savannah, Ga. 2013
Certified SCUBA diver, doing underwater recovery for area fire/police and Georgia Game & Fish.
Served as Trustee, Hickory Flat Elementary School, 1985-1988.
Board of Trustees, North Cherokee Youth Softball, 1985-1995.
North Cherokee Youth Softball Coach, 1985-1995.
President Sequoyah High School Softball Booster Club, 1994-1997.

Past Master Canton Masonic Lodge #77 F&AM
Member of Scottish Rite & York Rite bodies of Masonry
Member of Yaarab Temple Shrine
John Weaver 672 Avery Road Canton, Ga. 30115
W) 770-479-4851 C) 404-405-1759
F) 770-479-8067 Email:

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