Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Each year, the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions to the towing and recovery industry. The tradition started in 1986 when the towing and recovery industry realized it was time to display the roots of the profession. Industry professionals came together and selected individuals who made a difference. To honor those chosen few, the Friends of Towing (now ITRHFM) dedicated an entire section of the museum’s walls for portraits of the inductees. Each September a new class is inducted.

Patrick Winer

Pat was born in 1962 and went on to receive College Degree for Indiana University (The former home to college basketball that was over taken along with others… Read More

Dennis Harris

Dennis Harris was born in 1954 in Greensboro, NC. Born into the industry Dennis had made towing and the industry his life’s passion. Tonight he joins his wife… Read More

William (Bill) Byers

William “Bill” Byers was born in 1959 in Royal Oak, MI. Bill is a second generation tower in a family owned business (Byers Wrecker Service) started by his… Read More

Betty Cornwell

Betty Cornwell was married into the industry in 1969. I personally have known Betty for 30 years and have looked up to her wit and spirit as well… Read More

Steve Smith

Born October 1958 in Irving TX Steve graduated high school in 1977, then went on to help his father part time at his Fina gas station and worked… Read More

Nicholas Testa

Nick Testa born July 28th 1952 began his career in 1968 repairing cars out of his parent’s garage. In 1969, after turning 17, he purchased his first tow… Read More