Press Release: ITRHFM To Sell LED Flashing Safety Arrows

CHATTANOOGA, TN, May 29, 2019 —

The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum today announced that it recently completed an agreement to sell portable, lighted safety arrows. The effort, intended to complement the Survivor Fund, continues the museum’s efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of the towing and road service profession.

The safety arrows are designed to alert approaching motorists as to which direction they should take to safely maneuver around a roadside incident or breakdown scene. The arrows can be mounted on the rear of a vehicle using embedded earth magnets, or on a window that is rolled down slightly, and positioned to direct motorists to the left or right side of a scene. Designed for maximum visibility, each arrow has a reflective tape border and powerful LED lights that can be set to steady or flashing. The arrows can be folded down to fit inside a glovebox or console, and unfolded to the arrow shape, or to fit inside a standard roadside triangle.

“Users of our safety arrows have called them the Slow Down Move Over Arrow because of how effective they are in establishing a path for motorists,” stated Fred Devries, whose company produces and distributes the product.

“As we work to honor the men and women lost on our highways with things like the Survivor Fund and the Wall of the Fallen, it is equally important we look for ways to prevent such tragedies in the first place,” commented Jeffrey Godwin, 1st vice president of the museum and co-chair of the Survivor Fund and Wall of the Fallen.  “Just looking at this valuable, yet simple, technology it is easy to see it will save lives.”

Through a special exclusive arrangement for the towing industry, the museum will receive special pricing to enjoy a generous profit to be divided between the museum and the Survivor Fund.  The arrows are available at the museum in Chattanooga or on its website at



The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum, located in Chattanooga, TN, houses an array of displays and exhibits showcasing the history of towing and recovery. The rotating collection includes early equipment by Manley, Holmes, Vulcan, and Weaver. The Hall of Fame honors individuals who have significantly advanced the industry. The Museum includes a theater, a library, and a gift shop selling souvenirs related to the towing industry. On the outside grounds is the Wall of the Fallen memorial, dedicated to towers who died in the line of service. The ITRHFM Survivor Fund assists the families of the men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of service by providing a uniform financial gift at the time of their loss. ITRHFM is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and accepts donations for its programs and operations from individuals, corporations and groups.

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